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Who We Are

Headquartered in Lexington, SC, Clean Sun Energy was formed with a mission to bring sustainability into the mainstream at a time when government incentives, improving solar energy production efficiencies, and manufacturing economies of scale finally made solar energy accessible to the American public for the first time. We help our customers turn their "liabilities" into "assets" with our customized renewable energy solutions.

We have become one of the fastest-growing solar energy companies in the region. Clean Sun Energy strives to offer the best solar technology at the most affordable rates. With extensive experience and market knowledge, we take pride in providing quality customer service in an effort to establish a positive and long-lasting relationship with our customers.

We live in a world where resource depletion continues to push earth's natural limits of which energy, food, and water are the most quintessential. Clean Sun Energy promotes green living by encouraging and helping people to reduce their carbon footprint. "How is this achieved"? you may ask, well by going solar. It's easy and most of all, satisfying. We offer personalized solutions that meet the needs and budget of our clients. Unlike our competitors, Clean Sun Energy uses the highest quality equipment with the lowest rates to meet our customers individual energy needs at the lowest cost.

Our process

Customized solutions for every customer.


We start by looking at your electric meter to see how much energy you are using. Then we take a bird's-eye thermal image of your house to determine where your roof is getting the most consistent sunlight. These images are then used by our design team to come up with a custom solar layout perfect for your home. This design is then shown to you for approval, any changes you would like to make are taken into consideration and applied in the most reasonable way.


Our solar engineering service is targeted towards installing and maintaining the solar plants to ensure peak performance at all times. Our team of engineers strive hard to properly install all solar systems. Whether you are looking to get a solar panel for lighting, pumping, or other power systems - we make sure we deliver the best service by all means possible. Further, Clean Sun Energy also works with all clients post-installation for maintenance purposes.


Once the design is agreed upon, our permitting team will then submit the design for approval and permits from all necessary parties including the city and utility company. After approval, you will be contacted to set up an install date. On the agreed upon date our engineers will show up and install your system. This process usually takes one day but may take two depending on the size of the home and system.

Magdaline Michel

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"OMG I save so much money! Thank God for this company."

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5 stars - Google

"Very professional company. I would definitely use their energy services for my next home. The representative was very knowledgeable."

cutting edge products

The best technology on the market.

We offer the best products on the market! This is just a sample of some of our top brands offering the latest in solar technology.


Our Services

Solar Technology

We, at Clean Sun Energy make use of the latest solar technology enabling residential and commercial property owners to have maximum savings.

Solar Panel Installation

We have a dedicated 3rd party team of technicians who have worked on more than ten thousand installations projects.

Energy Panel

Control all your devices through a dedicated energy panel.

Solar Equipment

We provide top quality solar equipment at the most affordable rates.

Battery Storage

Clean Sun Energy guarantees the most effective battery storage and timings in the industry.

Solar Service

Solar power is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy that we need to power everything on earth.

Cost of Solar

Rest assured, you will find the most reasonable rates at Clean Sun Energy.

Solar Purchase

Let us help you purchase a solar panel or equipment. Our experts have extensive knowledge and can help you save on time and money.

Featured Installs

Some of the latest installs from us here at Clean Sun Energy.
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